In 2018 our program evolved to include a wider variety of lacrosse options for players of all skill levels. From in-house rec to new club-level lacrosse initiatives, our program and players saw tremendous growth and success in the past year. Due to the success of these new initiatives, some of these offerings will be expanded to cover more age groups in 2019.

Fallston Lacrosse will continue to provide the opportunity for boys to maximize their potential and have fun at multiple skill levels.  Where registration numbers permit, we will be expanding to three distinct levels of competition depending on player skill and level of commitment:

  1. Fallston Lacrosse Club
  2. Travel League
  3. Rec In-House

The club-level offering is new to most of the program. This is an initiative that has been prototyped and proven successful at select age groups in the program over the past 3 years. The goal is to provide a community-based club lacrosse experience at the lowest cost possible. Our costs will be less than half the price of most clubs, as we do not have to pay for field space, and we will look to offset the cost further with fundraisers during the season.  Additionally, while there may be additional off-season lacrosse offerings at the club level these should never be viewed as mandatory. As a program we respect that all in-season sports take priority. 

Here is a high-level breakdown of the planned 2019 Fallston Boys Lacrosse offerings:

Fallston Lacrosse Club

If numbers permit we will offer one Fallston Lacrosse Club team at each of the following ages/grades:

2023(13U) - 2024(12U) - 2025(11U) - 2026(10U) - 2027(9U) -2028(8U)

Scheduled practices, clinics and leagues will vary by team. Here is a typical commitment:

  • Tryouts Held In August, 2-3 tryouts required, teams chosen at Coaches discretion
  • Winter: 6 – 8 practices, potential indoor league
  • Spring: 2-3 practices a week and 2 games per week. Saturday games will be in the Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association (MYLA) or a club/advanced league. Sunday will be all club league games.
  • Summer:  Tournaments to late June / early July with practices for these events
  • Total Cost: $400-$700 dependent on leagues and tournaments 

Travel League

We will continue to have at least one combined age travel team for the following age groups:

Junior (13-14) - Mids (11-12) - Lightning (9-10) - Tyker (7-8)

The commitment for these teams will be:

  • Tryouts in January – 1 tryout required, teams to be chosen at coaches discretion
  • Spring: 2-3 practices a week.  Participation in the MYLA rec league on Saturdays and HARCO Travel league on Sundays
  • Summer:  1-2 Tournaments to be determined by team and coach
  • Total Cost:  $220- $350 dependent on tournaments 

Rec “In-House”

We will continue to have at least one combined age “In-House” team for the following age groups:

Junior (13-14) - Mids (11-12) - Lightning (9-10) - Tyker (7-8)

The commitment for these teams will include:

  • Spring: 1-2 practices a week.  Participation in the HARCO Rec league with games on Saturday
  • Cost: $185 

Clinic and Soft-Stick

The Clinic (5-6) and Soft-Stick (3-4) programs will continue with the proven, successful format that has been in-place over the past few years. 

The Fallston Boys Lacrosse Program is dedicated to providing the best lacrosse experience possible for all of our players and families. Join us to make 2019 another fantastic season of the best lacrosse around!

Thank you,

The Fallston Boys Lacrosse Program Board